About Karton

Born ages ago when house, techno and whateverstep did not exist and a severe oil crisis (late 70’s, begin 80’s) struck the world. It was the era of the cold war and “Johny goes to Hollywood”.
Being a teenager I discovered electronic dance music in popular venues like Boccaccio (Destelbergen), La Rocca (Lier) or Balmoral (Gentbrugge)…  At that time pop music was fading out to gradually being replaced by New Beat – a Belgian style EDM.  This shift resulted in peculiar Saturday nights where DJ’s started playing Pop before midnight and switched over to New Beat after midnight…  Sunday nights were different and solely reserved for New Beat.
New Beat become very big and people from all over the world came to Belgium to party.  Sadly the genre suffocated itself by going too commercial, but then House and Techno came along – a logical, evolutive step…
The rest is history.
“My generation changed the music industry forever.”
Yours musically,
Karl von Karton



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